Thursday, July 8, 2010

Food Fair/Bazaar/Flea Market @ Hell's Kitchen (9th Avenue), NYC

16th May 2010....another glorious day in NYC. Stumbled upon another food fair, this time in Hell's Kitchen.

Hell's Kitchen was getting very busy that afternoon.
There were many such bbq racks in the shape of a tepee where they hung slabs of meat to cook/smoke on the fire underneath.

A stall selling a potpourri of spices. Very attractive.
A stall selling soul food....
....which consisted of grilled octopus....
....and lobsters, shrimps, clams.

Mexican food stall...

....plantains, pork ribs, slabs of meat...
A very big slab of bbq-ed meat.

Deep fried pork ribs with rind.
Pancakes filled with mozarella.

Blood sausages.
Another stall selling an assortment of spices in plastic bottles. 2 bottles for USD5.00.

Berry pie.
Cup cakes and creme brulee.

Aged USDA prime beef. Apparently, beef is like fine wine, it needs to be aged.
The pack of giant strawberries I bought. USD2.99 for 454g.
Big like an apple.

My lunch....a mouth-watering Philly Cheesestake with extra liquid cheese (USD10.00), it comes loaded with beef. Yes, as long as the TV remote.
Biggest sandwhich I've eaten to-date.

New York...there's no other place like it!