Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bia Hoi Ha Noi Nguyen Chat Restaurant, Hanoi

Well we were walking aimlessly looking for dinner and not too far away from our hotel we stumbled upon a shop that looked like a restaurant.
We ventured in ever so cautiously, unable to read the signboard. Luckily the menu was in a mix of Vietnamese and English.

Sauteed eggplant with chilli sauce and minced meat. It was pretty good, with a hint of spicy-sweetness.

Grilled pork meat on a skewer, this tasted and looked alot like satay. Mom (in law) commented that it was a tad too dry, but I like my meat well done, so I've got no complaints.

This was my favourite dish, fried frog with sweet and sour sauce. The flesh was springy and fresh, and serving size was pretty generous, for two.
Inclusive of rice, the total bill came up to 100,000 Vietnamese Dong which was about RM22.00. Cheap! Cheap!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Quaint old Hanoi

Some sights from Hanoi.....
The hotel where we stayed.

The hotel by night, taken from the swimming pool area.
The Hanoi Opera House which was next to the hotel.
Bobby Chinn's restaurant! Yes the same Bobby Chinn from World Cafe Asia on Discovery Travel and Living channel.
The view inside Bobby Chinn's.
The Vietnamese version of "The Ritz Hotel".

This shop was teeming with soft toys, right up to the pavement!
The famous Dong Xuan Market facade. It was a Friday evening and the entire Dong Xuan road became a pasar malam (night market) that evening.
The very, very long pasar malam, selling mostly clothes and accessories.
We went to the Water Puppet Theatre for a show, costs just RM4.00 for an hour-long show. As its name suggests, it involved puppets on water, manipulated by humans behind a screen using retractable poles. Pretty unusual.

I saw a woman bottle-feeding these really scrawny kittens. They were mewing so pitifully that I wished I could bring them home with me!
This doggie was so cute and bored, just resting its chin under the chair, watching the world go by.
A beautiful painting of a Vietnamese lady with her hair up in a bun....kinda reminded me of Aunty Poi.
Weasel's supposedly from the faecal deposit of a weasel. I did NOT dare to try.Typical Vietnamese way of trading.
A lady wrapping betel nut by the roadside.

The building where the company office is in.

Hoan Kiem Lake.....our main landmark when walking around. This lake is pretty scenic with willow and flame of the forest trees framing it. It is strangely always windy too, and many locals like to do their exercise around it.