Saturday, September 29, 2007

Restoran Choon Sun, Off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

It was Friday night and we were too lazy to cook, so we went out on a food crawl. Having read the review by A Whiff of Lemongrass, we decided to try Restoran Choon Sun out. We've been there a year or so back, and this would be our second time there. Ok, aesthetics-wise, this place leaves little to be desired, it's a "restaurant" under zinc roof extensions in front of some shophouses. The kitchen was right in front, by the road. But, we're not fussy folks.
Our intent was to eat crabs and the famous assam fish.
Bad news, no crabs tonight. So we settled for the "chiu pai" (house speciality) assam fish and hotplate tofu.

The assam fish was drowning is assam (tamarind) sauce and onions. Observing the cook at work, we saw that the talapia fish itself was first deep fried, inundated in the sauce and then steamed for a short period of time in a lotus leaf wrap. This dish was really tangy, tasted a bit like laksa gravy. The fish cost RM18.

The hotplate tofu tasted normal, had a lot of minced meat on it. The local tofu was deep fried, crispy on the outside but soft inside. I liked the contrast in texture. It cost RM12 for a serving for 2.

The portions here are quite hearty, we were glad we ordered only 2 dishes as we were stuffed after finishing dinner.

Coming from KL on the Old Klang Road, turn left just before the Taman Desa entrance. You can see the restaurant by the road.

Restoran Choon Sun
No. 3, Jalan Anggor,
4th Mile, Off Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7822291
Mobile: 012-3685164

Our rating system for overall satisfaction with what we eat and where we eat....

1-bam = don't even bother
2-bam = good enough to fill the tummy
3-bam = a very good restaurant in its category
4-bam = excellent cooking, worth a detour
5-bam = exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

We would give this restaurant a 2-bam rating. Could improve on its ambience.

Weekend Cat Blogging (Week of 29th September 2007)

This weekend's WCB is being hosted by Masak-Masak so hop over to read about the travails of kitties around the globe.

While having dinner at a restaurant tonight, a scrawny stray kitty paid us a was a forlorn, camera-shy kitty, wandering around looking for food....poor dear....*sniff sniff*......

Spare kitty some scraps?

No food in the plastic bag?

No food anywhere?? Looks like kitty's going hungry tonight.....snarf snarf.......

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday's dinner

Simple, it was.
Fried squid purchased from the Bangsar Ramadan Bazaar, done Portuguese style with okra and spicy sauce.

Home-cooked teriyaki chicken sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, coated with lots of Kikkoman Garlic Teriyaki Marinade, ground fresh garlic and ginger, and a hint of sesame oil.

Stir-fried choy sum and batavia with garlic and scallop sauce.

Old cucumber soup, with carrots, pork ribs, red dates and Chinese herbs.

Ramadan Bazaar @ Jalan Telawi 1 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

The third Ramadan Bazaar I visited yesterday was the one at Jalan Telawi 1 Bangsar. Didn't take too many shots, at this point I was really hungry and just looking to tapau food, especially the fried squid that was featured in the same Bangsar Ramadan Bazaar posting by Masak-Masak (thanks, boo!).

Deep fried flower crabs, I think there's some sort of chilli paste stuck to the fried crabs.

The fried sotong (squid) with okra that I was after.....sizzling in the hotplate.

We had this for dinner, RM5.00 worth of it, anyway.

Ramadan Bazaar @ Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur

The second Ramadan Bazaar I visited yesterday was the Pantai Dalam bazaar, located relatively near to the Kampung Kerinchi bazaar, about 1.5 km away. The bazaar site is at Tapak Pasar Tani Mega, Pantai Dalam.

Roti Jala cooking on the hotplate.

Roti Jala....all rolled up and ready for the market.

Kuih Cara....apparently its insides is filled with syrup. Reminds me of little baby turtles.

The makcik at this stall was making Kuih Akok, and Step 1 was to pour the batter (flour, eggs, gula melaka & santan) into the moulds.

Step 2, close the moulds and let the fire do the job.

Step 3, open up and see if the kuih is cooked.

Step 4, put kuih on rack to cool.

The kind makcik saw me taking photos of her kuih and gave me 4 pieces of Kuih Akok to try....I insisted on paying, but she waved me away. They tasted like kaya, very good!

Ayam Percik Champion, RM2.50 each.

More ayam percik on the grill.

Though I'm not a big fan of yam, this yam drink sure looks an interesting shade of purple.

A giant wok filled with beef curry. Love the colour!

Ramadan Bazaar @ Kampung Kerinchi, Kuala Lumpur

I did a Ramadan Bazaar marathon yesterday. Went to 3 bazaars within a span of 2 hours. The first one was the Kampung Kerinchi bazaar, near the University LRT station. This one's directly opposite the Vista Angkasa flats, where the row of Malay food stalls are located (very congested area, in terms of traffic).

Platters of creme caramel.

Creme caramel close-up....looks almost like cheese cake.

Jellies......a riot of flavours and colours.

Ayam golek, roasting over the smouldering pit.

BBQ chicken wings, RM1.20 per pop.

Deep fried popiah slathered in sambal sauce, RM1.00 for 3 pieces.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

United add to Chelsea misery

Manchester United hit two goals to dent Chelsea's title hopes this season and give new boss Avram Grant a lot to think about. Mikel John Obi was sent off in the first half for a foul on Patrice Evra, before Carlos Tevez grabbed his first goal for the club. Louis Saha netted a late penalty to wrap up the points, leaving Chelsea in sixth.
Yahoo!!! Man Utd is greatest! Oops ... forgot that this is a food blog.

Restoran Jeffrey's, Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur

We were wandering around again, looking for somewhere to lunch, when we wandered back to Jalan Peel. We tried out a restaurant that we passed by the other day, this time, we went in and ate.....

Pucuk paku belacan style....very tender young shoots were used, lovely! RM10 for a small serving.

Noodles in garlic and crab.......this dish tastes exactly like sharks' fin soup, sans sharks' fin and with thin egg noodles swimming in crab meat. Eaten with a dash of vinegar, the soup was not too starchy, it was pretty darn good, actually! RM16 for a serving for 2.

The restaurant's entrance is covered with huge posters of food to entice the eyes and tummy.

Restoran Jeffrey's

# 23-23A, Queen's Park, Lot 392,

Jalan Shelley (Jalan Peel),

56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-92056736

Mobile (Jeffrey): 019-2127983

This restaurant is located along Jalan Peel, at the Queen's Park Retail Centre which is next to a Carrefour hypermarket. Jalan Peel, for those who are unfamiliar, is adjacent to the Jalan Pasar, Pudu area. If you choose to park within the Queen's Park compound, the parking fee is RM1, flat rate.

Our rating system for overall satisfaction with what we eat and where we eat....

1-bam = don't even bother

2-bam = good enough to fill the tummy

3-bam = a very good restaurant in its category

4-bam = excellent cooking, worth a detour

5-bam = exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

We would give this restaurant a 3-bam rating.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday's dinner

We've been busy in the kitchen again.........yesterday night we ate heartily....

Beef rendang, this one we bought from the Section 17 Ramadan Bazaar, RM4.00/packet of about 150 grammes. Rich and flavourful, I especially enjoyed the taste of finely sliced turmeric leaves in the thick rich gravy.

Stir fried choy sum, siew pak choy and garlic meddley.
Steamed eggs with sesame oil and pepper. Soft to the touch, melts in the mouth.

Spicy nyonya style 4-bean dish, consisting of petai (my favourite!), long beans, okra and four-angle beans. The spicy sauce is made from blending red chillies, bird's-eye chillies, candlenuts, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, garlic, onions, galangal, roasted belacan, sugar, salt, tomato sauce and tamarind juice. Yum Yum Yum!

Dessert was black glutinuous rice cooked with gula melaka and sago, topped with evaporated milk before serving. We have a huge tub of this left in the fridge......sago can really expand after cooking!

Yut Kee Restaurant, Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur

Yut Kee has been an old favourite for breakfast, and last Saturday, we were there again. It's a quaint old kopitiam (established in 1928) serving all types of Chinese and Western dishes, as you can see from their extensive menu board.....

We had chicken chop (Hainanese style). The boneless chicken whole-leg was covered in eggy batter and deep fried. The gravy comes with potatoes, peas and onions....I like to add lots of Lea & Perrins sauce (the restaurant provides) on the chicken before eating, gives it an extra ooomph. The chicken chop costs RM7.00 per plate.

The other dish we ordered was roti babi, which is a traditional nyonya snack. The filling is pork (of course) and slivers of crab meat, stir fried before being stuffed into the bread. The entire package is then dipped into egg and deep fried. We enjoyed this tasty treat with extra sprinkles of Lea & Perrins sauce and a dollop of tomato sauce. The roti babi costs RM7.00 as well.

2 soft-boiled eggs at RM2.00, topped with white pepper and soy sauce. Free-range eggs were used, tasted creamier than the usual farmed-eggs.

Business is brisk on weekends, and there's usually a bit of a wait for tables. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Yut Kee Restaurant
35 Jalan Dang Wangi,
50100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-26988108
Mobile (Jack Lee): 012-3071208

Our rating system for overall satisfaction with what we eat and where we eat....

1-bam = don't even bother
2-bam = good enough to fill the tummy
3-bam = a very good restaurant in its category
4-bam = excellent cooking, worth a detour
5-bam = exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

We would give this restaurant a 3-bam rating.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dinner from our kitchen

Too much batter in the eggs....our attempt at o'chien (oyster + eggs) turned out tasting like pancake.

Deep fried "bak-hu" fish. Simple yet tasty.

Deboned chicken drumsticks, deep fried and coated in honey. Our attempt at imitating the dish we had at Fock Kee.....heh heh.....not quite there yet!

Ok, we didn't cook this spicy pineapple lala dish, was a gift from the brother and his galpal. It was finished in a single seating!