Saturday, September 22, 2007

Weekend Cat Blogging (Week of 22nd September 2007)

If there's one thing the 2 kittykins do NOT like, it's taking a bath. Mankie intuitively knows when it's bath time, and he will cower in a corner hoping no one notices him. He will sneak glances at us through suspicious eyes, not quite sure how to make himself more inconspicuous. Mandy is less aware.....she never knows it's bath time till she's in the shower.

Trips to the shower will be preceded by yowls of protest from Mankie.

And once the bath is over, they like to lick themselves dry by the sun (they are phobic about the hairdryer).

Mankie dry-cleaning

Mankie's displeased stare

Mandy's grumpy glare

Mandy winks from her bed.......all dry and cosy

They forgive us after a while...........with doses of extra fussing and treats. Everybody loves a clean kitty. Muacks!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Wet cats are very funny indeed. But, after they dry, their fur looks so fluffy and perfect! Great post!

Ellen Whyte said...

Lovely pictures! Did they come and waken you at 2,3,4 and 5AM the next day just to punish you?

Scoop had several health problems that just wouldn't respond to treatment well. He was also an old cat - about 13 years old.

Although he was on medication at the time he passed away, he didn't suffer.

Thanks for coming by the blog.

sammawow said...

Wet cats do look funny. I would be ripped to shreds if I ever tried to wash either China Cat or Willow. Willow doesn't even like to be picked up and held!

Jessica said...

sher- thx!

katztales - i hope you and family are slowly recovering from your dear loss. my sympathies. the kitties punish us for baths by least until they are dry. :)

sammawow-china cat-willow - i had the same worries when i first started bathing mankie and mandy, but they have gotten used to the routine, though they make a lot of noise!