Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nyonya Colors, The Gardens @ Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur

The 2 Nyonya Colors branches that I know of are in 1-Utama and the latest in Mid Valley (at the lower ground walkway between The Gardens and Mid Valley Mall). The nyonya kuih on display were really eye-catching, as were the painted wooden chairs in the quaint little Mid Valley set-up.
Hubby quenched his thirst with iced local white coffee (RM2.70) which was uber thick and strong.
The yellow laksa (RM8.90) was supposed to be served with meehoon, but I opted for yellow mee. The laksa soup was well, like soup. It came with what I believe was boiled white radish and chicken pieces. The soup tasted strongly of galangal; not quite curry mee, and not quite siamese laksa....a combo of both, perhaps, minus any traces of fish.
I preferred hubby's mee siam with honey chicken (RM8.90). The meehoon had a lemongrassy taste which I loved, with a hint of sweet and sour. Very good!
Thab Thim Krob (RM3.80) or waterchestnut in of my all-time favourite desserts. This came topped with coconut cream, with the water chestnut and jackfruit pieces buried underneath the ice. Yummmm.

A 3-bam.


um said...

I've been to both incredibly a fortnight ago. 1 u was not good in terms of ambience and my friend left her dessert behind after one spoonful.
Mid valley was much better. the kuehs was great and nicely packaged for sampling. My 2 younger friends had curry laksa and mee rebus and raved about them.. Ambience was excellent.

mal handsome said... but still don't have their phone no, lah! hehe... how about u r other friend, they know?

Jessica said...

um...i agree, the mid valley branch has a nice ambience, i particularly liked the artistically painted chairs....and the dessert.

PuppyQ said...

Jason's fav place haha

Anonymous said...

i ate at nyonya colors mid valley this evening for dinner. the ondeh was masam but was too late cos i already popped one into my mouth.
i told the staffs at the cashier to smell. then they smelled all 12 boxes of ondeh2 left and it's all basi.

however, the cashier n staff was very reluctant to return my RM 1.90 which was not a matter of $. was upset they did not apologised at all, and she made muka masam to me.

worst experience in nyonya colors gardens. not going there anymore!!
btw i hv a bit of tummy ache now ;(

CHR said...

Dear Lim,
I am Nyonya Color's GM. I do remember you phoned me to complain about the incident. I did apologize to you when you told me you felt very offended by the way our staff responded when you asked for a refund. I did subsequently investigate and was told by the respective staff that you had earlier bought a packet of Ondeh Ondeh along with a drink and ate at the shop. After consuming it you went to buy a second pack. That was when after partially eaten the second pack you suspected it was not fresh. You complained to the Counter staff and demanded your money back. Our staff refunded for both packs although she was reluctant initially to refund the earlier pack because you had fully consumed it. If there is any comfort to you at all, I did severely reprimand the staff concerned and reassign the staff to other duties for 2 months. I hope you do not take the incident to represent the way Nyonya Colors treats its valued customers because you told me you had been a regular at our 1-U outlet. We have a clear policy of giving complete refund if our food does not live up to quality standards and at the slightest doubt to take the necessary step to remove all items related to it. We have also intensified our training to ensure that all our staff understand it.