Thursday, May 13, 2010

Home Cooking

I find myself cooking alot these days to decompress after a busy day at work. It is strangely soothing to stop thinking about the next report and presentation to prepare for, and just be doing elemental things like chopping vegetables and stir fying meat. Here's a compilation of some of the stuff I've been dishing up lately.

I like simple green vegetable dishes like choy sum.

And ladies' fingers with caramelised onions and garlic....very tasty.

Fried eggs with spicy birds eye chillies in soy sauce.

Kung pao chicken. My first attempt.... and it proved a success!

Tamarind chicken....hubby liked this dish.

Since it's the mango season, we cut and froze a tonne of mangoes....

...and we made mango lassi : frozen mango, yoghurt, honey, brown sugar, blended to a thick paste...delicious, buttery, sweet, fragrant. The perfect dessert!

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