Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Plaza Perbandaran Taiping

By day, the ground floor of this building is a market, selling seafood, vegetables, clothes and dried foodstuff. By night, the wet market portion closes, and more food stalls appear. The 1st floor houses a hawker centre and the 2nd floor has many vcd/dvd shops. Plaza Perbandaran Taiping is located adjacent to Jalan Panggung Wayang, opposite Prima Cakehouse. I come here every time I am back in Taiping just to relive memories of marketing with my mom, and to stock up on the cheap vegetables that I bring back to KL. Nowadays, I go marketing here with mom-in-law as she knows where to get the best bargains since the stall owners know her.
Right at the entrance are the murtabak stalls (there were 2 stalls opened that evening). Murtabaks here used to cost RM2.00 each, but the price has since increased to RM2.50.

Fruits galore!

Assorted kuih are also sold here at night.

Check out the size of the paus.

Apom lady.

My mom loved the soya drink and tofu fa from this stall. My parents would often tapau from this stall when I was a kid. The same guy still runs this stall, he's been operating it a long, long while.


um said...

i was there in taiping in january 2007. do not remember this place next to theatre road. don't know y your mil did not take my best friend and i there.

look at those rambutans. downunda they are rm 1.38 satu bigit.

those paus, wonder what's in them?

those lor mai kai in those little tin pots looks as good as they were many years ago.

again lots of good food from taiping lang...........

wmw said...

Happy New Year! I just love going to markets, lots of interesting subjects to take photos of.

Jessica said...

um: Happy New Year! The market's just near what was formerly known as Taiping Supermarket (and then, "The Store"). The market is perpendicular to Theatre Road. The boys go there for cheap dvds, and mil and I go there for the aunty marketing sessions. :D

wmw: Happy New Year to you too! Hope you a very prosperous one!

Hubby said...

I love Paus! I love ikan paus also.

um said...

paus, ikan paus, tapaus, pau yee

pow pow pow......

you walking around with a "i love paus" t shirt?

and did the boys go there for the health minister's dvd?

happy new year allllllllll

WAIYING said...

i'm going to taiping next saturday. may u recommend some local food, snack or dessert for me. thanks