Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mom's cooking

Mom-in-law's home-cooked meals are what we look forward to whenever we return to Taiping. Simple, hearthy and whipped up ever so effortlessly by mom, we waste no time in digging in and finishing everything.
Soya sauce, sesame oil and ginger chicken. I love the taste of this and have been trying to figure out how to replicate, simple as it is.

Pan-fried pork fillets with a hint of sesame oil.

Pan-fried senangin fish.

Mom's very proud of this, her specialty; steamed eggs with minced meat. She's mastered the art of getting the egg consistency just right, not too wet nor too dry.
Her nyonya-style caramelised assam (tamarind) sauce-coated prawns are second to none.



um said...

how come she never cooked those dishes for moi when moi wuz back in the past?

maybe i misbehaved? dose dishes look fabdacious...........................

Jessica said...

um: maybe mil didn't want to waste your tummy-space on home-cooked food when there's so much yummy hawker food to catch up on!

um said...

yeah, but like my yoyo friend said, millie's cooking is at least 5 bam bams