Saturday, December 29, 2007

Restoran Ansari Famous Cendol, Taiping

We get our cendol fix from Ansari's Famous Cendol every time that we are back in Taiping. From the many newspaper articles proudly displayed on the walls, it's clear that Ansari is a well-reviewed spot. Being just a short walk away from hubby-to-be's old school, it was a firm childhood favourite.

The cendol guy at work.
Thick santan in the tub with cendol strips soaking inside.

Loads of red kidney beans.


The final assembled product, complete with ice shavings and gula melaka. This cendol is superb due to the creamy thickness of the fresh santan, and the cendol strips are soft and well soaked in and completely infused with santan. All the yummy ingredients are at the bottom of the bowl.

The price! This place sells pasembor too.

The shop we went to was on Jalan Barrack (the HQ), but there are several branches.

92, Jalan Barrack, Taiping
122, Jalan Taming Sari (Side), Taiping
Gerai Stesyen Keretapi Taiping
80, Lorong 4, Taman Marisa, Taiping
Tel: 05-8080907

We give Ansari's creamy cendol 4-bams.


Unknown said...
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taiping cendol, yummy yummy~

Jessica said...

hsu ming, bbcomm: am craving for some taiping cendol right now, but i'm back in kl!

Anonymous said...

No outing to Taiping town is complete without a visit to Ansari"
s famous cendol. So delicious is his cendol i always go for a second serving.

Anonymous said...

Though i am a diehard fan of LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB, i cant resist visiting Ansari's Famous
Cendol stall who undoubtedly is a
supporter of my rival team MANU,
but the taste of his cendol renders
supreme over my rivalry and i never fail to taste his cendol and
pasembor.Lain kali lah