Monday, December 24, 2007

Food from Taiping that are tapau-ed for breakfast/tea time

Lazing in Taiping often means takeaway food that are brought home from various parts of the town for breakfast and tea time.
Spicy mee combat (aka mee goreng) (RM2.50/pack) from the Larut Matang hawkers' centre brought home by bro-in-law-to-be.
Hubby-to-be's all-time-favourite. Chee cheong fun from the Pusat Penjaja Taiping, next to the Taiping bomba (fire department).

Char koay kak (RM1.70/pack) from Sening Garden Taiping.

Fried durian-flavoured balls from a roadside stall near the house......just batter mixed with some durian flesh and deep fried. We weren't too fond of this....too much batter, too little durian.


um said...

all delicious..... [i will spare the fried durian though]
all i had on this christmas morning was coffee.......
looking forward to returning in august 08. confirms that all food from taiping is cheap and sedapcious.
by the way i received a "i love hokkien noodles" t shirt for my christmas present...........

hubby-to-be said...


i want t-shirt too!

epl tonight: arrogant arsenal to go down 2-1 to pompey.


taiping food~hohoho~