Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hokkien Mee @ Restoran Ahwa, behind Jalan 222 Shell petrol station

Uncle M and family loves the hokkien mee here. We were in the vicinity the other day, and since it was dinner time, we dropped by for a quick meal. Photo quality's a bit dodgy as photos were taken using a handphone.

Hokkien mee.

Hokkien mihun.

The hokkien mee and hokkien mihun were both teeming with pork lard fritters, which made them very fragrant. I had my share with splashings of chilli sauce, and picked out all the pork lard fritters :D. Hubby-to-be, on the other hand, finished every last morsel of his.

Restoran Ahwa
# 66, Jalan 14/48 (directly behind the Shell station at Jalan 222),
Petaling Jaya.
Our rating system for overall satisfaction with what we eat and where we eat....
1-bam = don't even bother
2-bam = good enough to fill the tummy
3-bam = a very good restaurant in its category
4-bam = excellent cooking, worth a detour
5-bam = exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey
We would give the hokkien mee a 3-bam rating.


Anonymous said...

at long last, my kl favourite hawker spot. very hard to go past this 222 coffee shop.

the hockey noodles is simply fried and stunningly tasteful.

the satay there and the fried fish is also sedapcious. for us downunda that is magic. for you updere maybe notso.

anyone know where i can buy some " i love hokkien noodles" t shirt.

ChocolateSuze said...

you PICKED OUT the fat? but but... its so tasty!

Anonymous said...

do not be fooled by the pictures. they actually look and taste much much more than that.
don't know about chilli sauce, but their sambal chilli is almost spot on.

repeat; anyone know where i can get dat "i luv hockey noodles" t shirt? i read it in a book and i actually saw this waiter at ahwa in 2004 with this t shirt [albeit a little colourful with brown patches]presumably from the high flames from the frying wok.

Anonymous said...

Damn good tasting big 'loke' meen ...

UM, you can have my t-shirt with brown patches.

chocolatesuze, fats the best!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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liverpool 0 - 2 man utd
arsenal 0 - 0 chelsea

Anonymous said...

i don't think so...