Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hang Be Market, Old Quarters, Hanoi

The Hang Be Market was the first market we stumbled upon the day we arrived in Hanoi and went exploring the Old Quarters. It's much like our Jalan Pasar market, except more colourful and with more "weird" produce.

The roasted pork ("siew yoke") was a sight to behold. Mom (in law) and I went mad ogling the slabs of crispy-skinned pork even as the lady behind the counter busily chopped up slices for her customers. I ended up buying about RM10.00 worth of this super-crispy-skinned-yet-still-succulent "siew yoke" to share with mom over dinner.

A shop selling spices and other dried colourful and organised!

Saw this poor lil live tortoise....destined for the cooking pot.

Lots of PRAWNS!

HUGE arm-sized PRAWNS! I want! I want!

HUGE squids.
Uncooked silk worms...for the daring.

River snails....just like the ones I used to catch from the longkang in primary school.
I didn't know that kailan grew from bulbs.

It was drizzling as we walked, and my camera got a wee bit wet and decided to malfunction (sigh!!). So that was the end of my photo-taking at this market, even though there were still so many more interesting, colourful curiosities. :o(


um said...

which longkang and which primary sekolah?

PuppyQ said...

Lol the silk worms do not look inviting...

Jessica said...

um: convent klian pauh...last time got one longkang where i used to wait for the bus (same road as hwa lian).

puppyq: they actually taste quite good when deepfried...tastes like junkfood :D

worldwindows said...

Vietnam is a wonderful place. The food esp. the noodles is yum.. all the time .. everytime. No MSG mostly.