Thursday, May 29, 2008

Old Lim Curry Puff, Jalan Hang Lekir (perpendicular to Petaling Street), Kuala Lumpur

After breakfast we wandered around the Jalan Hang Lekir/Petaling Street area a bit. At the alley just next to the Tang City Foodcourt was Old Lim Curry Puff. Mom (in law) and hubby, being big fans of curry puff, could not resist!
Before assembly. The chicken and potato mixtures for the curry puff filling. They also include hard-boiled eggs in the filling. And the dough on the top left.
The finished goods. I didn't have any as I was full, but hubby and mom ate them they must have been good.

If you want to order some, call Ah Tak: 016-2228885 (his mobile # is on the banner).

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um said...

old lims,
they are da bestest