Thursday, May 29, 2008

Koon Kee Wantan Mee @ Tang City Foodcourt, Jalan Hang Lekir (perpendicular to Petaling Street), Kuala Lumpur

The reason why I am blogging about Koon Kee Wantan Mee is because this particular wantan mee stall holds so much sentimental value for dear mom (in law). Mom's late hubby and her used to regularly patronise this stall during their younger years, back when they were courting in KL. They would take the bus here, and wander around, eat, and fall in love.....Nowadays, every time we are in the Petaling Street vicinity, mom would always eat here. Being a hopeless romantic, this story as often told by mom, never fails to make me sigh.

Just before we went to KL Sentral to catch a train to KLIA on our trip to Hanoi, we had time in our hands. Hubby suggested we have breakfast at Petaling Street. The original Koon Kee stall was still closed the morning we went, so we ate at its branch just opposite the road, in Tang City Foodcourt.

So we had wantan mee (RM4.00) with the thin noodles that mom likes so much, which she is unable to find in Taiping. It tasted good, the charsiew could have been juicier, but the meat was very lean.

2 wantans only! We found a shop nearby in the alley which sold the raw thin wantan noodles. Hubby bought a big bunch for mom.

This is the Tang City Foodcourt where we ate at the Koon Kee branch.

Opposite the road is the original Koon Kee in a tired, old shoplot. Very Chinatown-ish!

Koon Kee Wantan Mee (branch),

Tang City Foodcourt, Jalan Hang Lekir,

Off Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur.

I would rate it a 3-bam, but mom would probably rate it more, for sentimental reasons!


um said...

wan ton of yum

Hsu Ming said...

the romanticism, hard to beat

Tang City Food Court@Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur said...

This food is goooood! :)

I have put a link to your page on mine!