Tuesday, November 6, 2007

BBQ Party

Hubby-to-be has a hobby he can indulge in only back in our hometown, where there is actually a garden to do some serious barbecueing!

His pet, the home-made bbq-pit, consisting of two flower pots and wire mesh.

Squid marinated with some curry paste concoction.

Chicken pieces, marinated with hoisin and oyster sauce, and lots of black pepper.

Put all ingredients on the grill and wait. The bigger chicken legs are wrapped up in banana leaves to retain their juices.

Once almost cooked, baste the chicken pieces with honey+marinade gravy.

Chicken leg ready for gorging. The boys had a field day. Despite the slightly burnt parts, it retained its juices and was tender to the bite.

Chicken wings.......mom-in-law's and my favourite.



firstly, i see "verysedap" slogan on yo blog, then i saw some picture about BBQ, then i saw some cat-related post...i tot u guys r BBQing kitten~
walao eh~
haha..jux drop by n say hello to both of u!!!

Jessica said...

bb comm: hahaha! very farney! hey looks like you are also a Taiping-lang....welcome to our blog lah.

Precious Pea said...

Laughing at bb community comment. I love BBQ...in fact, Hubby just hinted that we have not been bbqing for very long oledi. Now i wonder where i chucked my bbq pit.

Jessica said...

precious pea: do lah! very fun to play with fire and see the fats melt into the pit.....and the smell..yumm! :D

Anonymous said...

nice legs next to da pit, whose are they?

Jessica said...

um: who else lah!