Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We finally cooked dinner

Cooking dinner is pretty fun when you have lots of ingredients stashed in the fridge and need a way of getting rid of them. Everything gets thrown into the dishes.
Home-made char siew. Juicy inside, caramelised outside.

Long beans and okra fried with dried baby shrimps, belacan and super spicy blended chillies from Uncle M's Aussie garden (we blended about a ton and stashed them in the freezer). Eating this made us tear and set our tummies ablaze, the chillies were just SO potent!

The soup with lotus root, carrot, tomato, red dates, chinese herbs, dried squid, chicken bones & stock, and anything else we had left in the fridge, as long as it did not make this dish too weird.



yo char siew attractive~ hmmm...yummy yummy~

Jessica said...

bb comm: thanks! try doing it lah, very easy only!

PuppyQ said...

wow your home made char siew looks seriously yummy!

Jessica said...

puppyq: *hubby to be blushes* (he's the char siew expert), thanks!