Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chee Cheong Fun @ Pusat Penjaja (Hawkers' Centre) Taiping

Hubby-to-be made me blog this. His favourite chee cheng fun that he never fails to eat everytime we are back in our hometown. I am not as inclined, preferring the Penang version with lots of prawn paste. The Taiping version only has the thim cheong, with no prawn paste.
No comments on taste as I did not actually taste it. Hubby-to-be has weird taste buds, with all his raving......the plate looked kinda bland in my opinion.
You can find it here, at the Taiping Hawkers' Centre next to the Bomba (Fire Station).
The Hawkers' Centre is located adjacent to the road that leads to Taiping Lake Gardens, in between Jalan Sultan Abdullah (Eastern Road) and Jalan Maharajalela (Birch Road).
As we were leaving, we spotted a poor tiny kittykins wandering around looking for food.

Poor kittykins, wish I had kept spare kibbles in my handbag.


Precious Pea said...

AIYAH!! Didn't know you are orang Taiping. We stopover during our Drive For Food and intended to stop at this Pusat Penjaja but couldn't find. I heard da popiah there veli nice.

um said...

he has great taste.

dat ccf is da best. eat dere everytime i get da chance. it remains old taiping style, but must have the woo tow koh.

i was wondering when sum 1 would be doing a thingo on this hawker food and as well the pohpiah. i thought the poh piah wuz at the coffee shop along theatre road[mother's stall i wuz told] and maybe another nearer the lake gardens [son's stall].

wat else must try b4 die die? i think the one ton of mee along kota road next to the bank in a shop called prima [i think]. lots more.............

Jessica said...

precious pea: haiya its next to the Bomba lar...nvm next time go Taiping must call me. popiah....everywhere in taiping also nice, especially "Prima" Kopitiam.

um: next year when you come back, we go together to all these places lar.


yaya..penang style ccf that apply a lot of prawn paste really very nice. and i like taiping ccf too! i dont like KL ccf which allow us to choose lo-bak things n apply with curry~

um said...

i'll take up your promise.

next time i am back in tpg, i wanna go up to maxwell hills-unchanged, unpolluted and stands in time of the 50's and 60's maybe even b4 that.

i wanna go up there and eat mee goreng and drink beer under one of those old ceiling fans. then on return to the foot of the hills next to coronation pool eat assam laksa from the malay man who has a pot of the laksa soup at the back of his bicycle and all the other ingredients straddled on the front of the bicycle......

simple, cheap, sedapcious