Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese New Year Stash

If you like tangerines (looks like mini mandarin oranges, tastes like mandarin oranges but a super sweet version), then we recommend this brand AAA tangerines. A 6.5kg box cost us RM38.00 and every one of the tangerines were lusciously juicy and sweet. Wonderful stuff!
That's how they look like, in comparison with a regular S-sized mandarin orange.
This week, arrowhead (ngaku) is selling at bargain prices at Tesco. We bought a whole bag of 1.5kg at a mere RM0.96. We love the crispy ngaku chips, sold at RM13.00/box in the market, so we tried to make our own stash which cost RM0.96 (and LOTS of work!!).

1.5kg of arrowhead gave us 3 boxes worth of the chips. Unfortunately, our chips were not crispy enough, have to be microwaved before eating to crisp it up.

Mom (in law's) homemade peanut cookies.

Mom's homemade mice cookies :)

Mom's homemade almond cookies.

Mom's homemade pinwheels.

Mom taught me how to make pineapple tarts. She did the jam, I did the piping of the pastry. Here's my work product, some were really cacat, but I looooove the pineapple jam that mom made!

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wmw said...

What a stash! Ngah ku is so addictive lah...