Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lost orange cat found : Male, with green collar

This orange cat has been hanging around our carpark for days, yeowling and meowing incessantly. I thought it was a stray female cat in heat until I peeked from upstairs and saw that it had a green collar, and when I went for a closer look, I discovered that it was a male cat with a rather emaciated-looking waistline. He also has battle scars, a few small bite marks on him. He has a round, tennis ball-sized growth on his abdomen; not sure if it's a bloated tummy due to lack of food, or a tumour. He looks like he hasn't been eating for weeks! He must have been crying forlornly for his owner, and/or for food.
I introduced him to Mankie and Mandy, and saw a side of Mankie that I never knew existed. Mankie and the orange cat started screaming at each other, and I had to quickly shut the door separating them before they got into a brawl. Mankie now looks at me suspiciously.......I think he feels abit betrayed that I brought another male cat home.

Anyway, new orange kitty is now being bathed. I intend to help him locate his owner, and most importantly, get him to eat........poor kittykins!

*Updates: Just got back from our regular vet, Dr. Ben. Diagnosis: poor Orange has hernia! His intestines are strangulated and outside where they are supposed to be, hence the big growth on his abdomen. Dr. Ben says Orange will probably die of starvation soon if nothing is done, as he is unable to consume any food/water. Apparently his hernia has been going on for a long time now to grow to this size, and methinks his owners abandoned him because of it! I have decided to send Orange for surgery tomorrow, Dr. Ben is charging minimal since we are both intent on saving poor Orange's life. Surgery is always a risk of course, please pray that Orange is strong enough to survive it!


Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

We are purring and praying for this beautiful kitty cat to be well and make it through all his surgeries and recoveries. We are so sorry we are late on seeing this, we feel bad, but we are sending lots of love and please keep us updated.

Zed Monster and the Bad Kitty Cats

Anonymous said...

Oh no - the poor sweet kitty! Bless you for helping him. We're praying for a complete recovery!