Monday, February 18, 2008

What we cooked/ate in Taiping during Chinese New Year

It was celebration time, and we had family over for lunch.

Mom (in law) taught me how to make roti jala.

Ok la, not so pretty but still edible!
Mom cooked chicken curry to go with the roti jala.

I made the vegetable and sourcream filling for the paiti, following Aunt PO's secret recipe.....tastes sweet and sour and crunchy.

Paiti shells, these were store-bought.

We also had a mini steamboat spread.

The steamboat, done.

Uncle CT brought his homemade Kiam Chai Boey........really great tasting stuff!
Assorted waxed meat.

Roast pork stir fried with black soy sauce......simple yet scrumptious!
Petai stir fried with pork and cincalok.......awesome!

In the evening, we put the BBQ pit to use. BBQ meat re-BBQ-ed! Prawns on a stick.

BBQ meat in a bun.

We experimented with teriyaki unagi (eel).

BBQ catfish......the banana leaf burned up, hence the black stuff sticking to the fish. We ended up feeding this to the alley cats.

BBQ stingray.....the alley cats loved it too. :D

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wmw said...

I'm missing all these food as I'm looking at the pics here. Sob! Sob!