Friday, February 29, 2008

Mom's nasi lemak spread

Two weekends back we went home for a wedding up north. Mom (in law) greeted us with a nasi lemak treat for lunch! Nothing makes us happier than tucking into mom's delicious home cooking.
Her really fragrant nasi lemak, with a hint of kaffir lime leaves.

Fried sambal-stuffed cencaru fish.......makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
Homemade vegetable acar, thick, luscious, sour and sweet.......I love this!

Kiam chai boey, made with roast pork, giving it a very meaty, smoky hint.

The star dish, ayam masak merah aka tomato chicken. The sauce was made with lots of blended fresh tomatoes, it had a rather tangy flavour to it, compared to the version that we usually make, which is more curry-ish. Thumbs up from us!

Mom also made pistachio biscotti with all her leftover egg whites from Chinese New Year baking. Being hand sliced, it's a wonder how she managed to slice it so thin, without the help of a slicing machine. Mom's got her ways! Crunchy, munchy, lovely!

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