Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bruno's Restaurant & Bar, Jaya 33, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

For mom's birthday, she wanted to savour western cuisine. So we took her to Bruno's, a fancy fine dining restaurant serving Spanish food, with a rather cosy ambience, replete with leather seats.
The bread basket came with a small bowl of thyme-infused olive oil.

All her sons and I agreed that the Andalucia Lamb Shank served with garlic mashed potatoes (RM45.00) was the best lamb in town. And I don't even eat lamb! The typical "smelly" lamb taste was absent. This dish tasted of tangy tomatoes and olives, almost spaghetti-ish in its approach, with luscious aubergines lining the shanks.

Cochinillo Asado/Spanish Suckling Pig - oven roasted, served with roasted pineapple sauce and mild spicy tomato sauce. RM88 (single)/RM390 (half)/RM730 (whole). We got the single serving. Bruno's uses pork from the Iberian black pig which roams the forests of the Iberian peninsula, foraging for nuts, roots and acorns. The pigs' diet and lifestyle renders the meat exquisite in texture, taste and aroma, as well as high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

A side dish of a baked potato with a cheesy filling, and vegetables which came with the rib eye steak. Mom loves baked, stuffed potatoes.
This was my favourite dish, the rib eye (beef) steak served with red wine garlic sauce (RM55.00) with a side of roasted, mashed potatoes or fries with sauteed vegetables/fresh salad. Heavenly juicy, tender meat (medium-done) that melts in the mouth. The sauce was out-of-this-world in its taste, piquant and tingled the taste buds.
The Costillar Iberico / BBQ Iberian Ribs Platter (serves 2-3 persons) - perfectly oven roasted pork ribs topped with special BBQ sauce, served with vegetables and potatoes. (RM130.00)
A closeup of the very long and tasty rack of ribs, complete with yummy burnt edges. It was sweet and savoury at the same time, with a definitive taste of the spices that were used in its seasoning. Finger-licking good!
The bill for the 6 of us totalled up to RM349.80. To end our meal, Bruno's gamely presented mom with a slice of rich chocolate cake for her birthday, accompanied by the birthday song. Happy 61st, mom!

Jaya 33 is opposite Section 14, on the same row as the Dutch Lady factory.

Bruno's Restaurant & Bar
PG-01 A, Ground Floor,
Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat Section 13,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-79602663
Operating hours: Mon-Sun, 11.00am-11.00pm

Pricey, but delicious! 4-bams!


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

730 for a pig??? makes el cerdo look like small change when they charge 200pls for a piglet..

was it a big enuf serving for rm88 though? looks like 2 pieces only..

Jessica said...

Joe: Yalor, my eyes popped out when I saw the price for 1 pig. The serving was small for RM88.00 just 3-4 pieces. Might as well go eat a tonne of siew yoke at Wong Kee. Lol!