Friday, December 5, 2008

What's cooking @ home

I tried a new recipe, pandan fried chicken. Hubby approved!

We tried cooking ayam masak merah mom's style. It was ok, up to the point where we substituted plain yoghurt with strawberry yoghurt 'cos that was all we had in the fridge. Don't. Lol!

We finally perfected the art of assam prawns mom's style. Kudos to hubby who performed the wok magic.

Sambal petai prawns. I just can't get enough!

This was supposed to be nyonya turmeric acar fish, but I modified it so much it became something else. I used garoupa instead of belanak, and added vinegared cucumber and canned pineapple.
Simple fried bakhu (aji aji) fish.

Hubby's favourite baked beans and eggs. Choy tam. A meddley of kai lan stems and french beans.

Choy sum.

Eggs fried with french beans.

For me, plain rose jelly.

For hubby, banana milk rose jelly. Weird.

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