Friday, March 6, 2009

Hawker Food @ New Lane, off McAllister Road, Georgetown, Penang

New Lane is a usual haunt for us, when in Penang. I've got fond memories of New Lane; when I was young, my grandma and I used to walk here to grab a bite. She stayed a few blocks away from this place, on Irving Road, and I was the naughty toddler who tagged along everywhere she went. She's gone now, but visiting this place always reminds me of her.
It was Chinese New Year season and it seemed like everyone from all over the country had decided to meet in Penang. We ordered char koey teow from this stall.

It came (RM4.00) and while it looked good, it tasted rather bland. In fact, it didn't taste at all like the char koey teow we know. Disappointing.

Another must-have while we are here is the "oh chien" or fried oyster omelette. (Prices are RM8.00, RM10.00, RM13.00, RM16.00 depending on serving size).

Large, succulent oysters abound, and the egg mixture wasn't too starchy (RM8.00). Just right!

The BBQ chicken wings were good, but we've had better in Jalan Alor. Forgot to note down the price.
The apom man busy at work.
At RM2.00 for 5 pieces, I ordered the original (white) ones with bananas in them. You can also choose apom made with a green-coloured pandan batter. Grandma used to treat me with apoms, hence it's another firm childhood favourite.

New Lane is a food heaven, and definitely rates a 4-bam in my list of favourite places to eat in Penang.

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