Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eating At Home

Sunday night's grub was simple and somewhat traditional....but oh so satiating!

We had bean sauce tofu  with fresh brown button mushrooms which hubby cooked beautifully without breaking up the soft, delicate tofu too much. We topped it with a generous sprinkle of scallions.
We had some ladies fingers left in the fridge so a simple stir fry using the savoury Maxchup stir-fry sauce (yellow bottle)  we bought from Thailand was really the simplest thing to do.
I recently bought a whole bag of turmeric roots from Tesco at reduced price (RM1.50 for 656g!) and was trying to figure out how to use them. Maybe I'll plant a few turmeric roots and see if they grow. In the kitchen, however, we decided to try our hand at cooking Nyonya Acar Fish using senangin fish, following one of the Nyonya recipe books that I've religiously collected. This sweet and sour (and mildly spicy since we took the liberty of  adding bird's eye chillies)  dish is a hit....fried fish bathed in a vinegary oil infused with a strong aroma of turmeric, garlic and ginger! Yummy!

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