Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pizza Weekend And "Lipodermophobia"

Hubby fancies himself a baker. Myself, not so much. Not unlike Mr Adrian Monk and his phobia for dirt, my personal nemesis is oil (lipodermophobia?). Dirt and dust do not annoy me that much......but oh! the feel of oil on my skin just plain drives me nuts...the idea of sticking my hands into buttery dough makes me want to run for the disinfectant and dettol my entire arm. Yes, oil is my weakness. I am OCD about keeping utensils, appliances, tables and countertops (and myself, of course!) free of all traces of oil. I have a cupboard full of detergents, all manner of cleaning agents and toiletries, so as to be able to liberally use them in my perpetual war against lipids.

Hubby does not always understand this, and I've often found him guilty of "transference"....in my CSI zoom-into-the-micro-details-camera mode, I've often spotted him either dripping oil down the sides of containers/bowls which then pools on the table/drips on the floor........or he opens the fridge door with oily hands in which case the oil transfers to my hands the next time I open the fridge door and I'd have to disinfect the fridge handle and my hands. Yes, to me, oil is like an "infection" to be tracked down and contained.

And so I don't bake. And when I cook, it involves a whole lot of hand-washing for every spatter of oil that gets on my hands/arms. No COR (cooking oil residue) please!

So I left hubby in the kitchen to do the baking, kneading and spreading of shortening all over the kitchen counter in relative peace. At the back of my mind, I knew that this day would end with a thorough disinfecting of the entire kitchen counter. But, before that, a scrumptious meal!
From the pizza flour, hubby made the yeasty dough peppered with oregano flakes.

We added grilled capsicum and fresh tomatoes.
For meat, we liked the smoked beef sausages from Jaya Jusco, and also some chicken meatloaf and pork bacon.
Some fresh brown mushrooms and a sprinkling of onions for a more piquant pizza.

We went crazy on the cheese, 3 types : Smoked BBQ Cheddar, Mozarella and Parmesan. This brand of Parmesan cheese (Millel) did not smell pungent like the Parmesan we've smelled/tasted in the past. I was at first hesitant to purchase it, but since it was a bargain at Tesco (RM16.00 instead of its usual RM31.00 - just because the Parmesan block was a bit cracked), we decided to give it a try. No smell of vomitus, thank god! It was surprisingly pretty good!

We enjoyed the fruits of hubby's labour (I helped with the assembly of the pizza!)......two very cheesy, smoky and meaty pizzas. Absolutely delicious! Excellent!

If hubby can bake, so can you (but not I)!

Epilogue: And then there was the kitchen clean-up.

4-bams for hubby!

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