Friday, April 30, 2010

The Vienna Almonds Experiment

As I wrote previously, we fell in love with Vienna Almonds from The Nut Shop. Last weekend, we finally summoned up the courage to caramelize sugar for the first time, in an attempt at making our own Vienna Almonds.

We used a mixture of brown and red sugar. Besides the sugar, here were our other key ingredients : 1 pack of raw almonds (I left the other pack untouched, just in case we messed up) and 1 vanilla bean. I think RM29.90/kg for almonds was reasonable, but then again I'm no expert at prices of baking goods. We bought a whole pack of vanilla beans from Bali some time back....can't remember the price but it was definitely alot cheaper than in Malaysia, since they actually grow vanilla in Indonesia.
We toasted the almonds....
...and caramelized the brown and red sugar together with a split vanilla pod and some butter.

Once the sugar was caramelized, we chucked the whole load of toasted almonds into the mixture and stirred till they became all sticky and gooey. Then, we laid out the almonds on baking paper to crystalize. End result : almonds that tasted like toffee. It didn't quite turn out like the Vienna Almonds from The Nut Shop, as the caramelized sugar coating the almonds tasted grainy rather than smooth. Hmmmmm....still wondering how/where we messed up.....

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