Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Homemade Roast Chicken with Baby Potatoes, Carrots and Onions in Creamy Gravy

Chicken was going cheap at Tesco last Friday (RM3.99/kg), so I bought an entire chook for only RM6.90. I decided on the spot not to have the butcher cut it up into pieces since it was a nice, plump, symmetrical chicken.

We marinated the chicken overnight with lots of herbs and spices : salt, pepper, paprika, rosemary, oregano, bay leaf, chicken stock powder, ginger powder, lots of fresh garlic and butter (stuffed under the skin and in the chicken cavity), and a whole orange up its behind. We were judicious with the western herbs as hubby does not quite fancy their strong taste (I call it the Christmas tree taste). Together with a bunch of baby potatoes, cut carrots and onions, we roasted the chicken in the oven at 250 degree Celcius, covered in foil for about 1 and 1/2 hours, before putting it in the broiler to brown. It's important to cook the chicken slowly in the oven, covered in foil so that it becomes really tender and yet still remaining juicy inside. Uncover the foil only when it is cooked and you're ready to brown it. We transferred the cooked chook from the oven into a broiler to brown the skin.   

For the gravy, we kinda cheated and used the Lobos Chicken Gravy Mix that we bought from Thailand. It's creamy and very umami-ish, similar to the sauce you get on KFC's mashed potatoes.

We took the roasted vegetables and stir fried them with the Lobos Chicken Gravy Mix and added evaporated milk to make it thicker.

Our roasted chicken dinner with an orangey twang. The entire roast chicken lasted us 2 meals. Delish!


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