Friday, February 20, 2009

Aor Tor Kor (Marketing Organization for Farmers) Market, Bangkok

"The bargain-hungry tourists who throng Bangkok's sprawling and chaotic Chatuchak flea market every weekend aren't just missing the boat. They are missing the banquet. Just across Kamphaeng Phet Road, the Marketing Organization for Farmers Market (MOF, or aor tor kor, as locals pronounce the acronym) is a comparatively clean, serene showcase of Thailand's seasonal fruits and highly seasoned curries." reads a article.

Another review of this market can be found here.

It was a Saturday, and our last day in Bangkok, and we were trying to cover the entire Chatuchak area with what little time we had left. Hubby and I were curious enough to venture away from the Chatuchak flea market, went across the road and stumbled upon this semi-wet market teeming with food, both fresh produce and cooked.

Huge river prawns (udang galah), longer than the span of my palm.
Ginormous live mud crabs. Poor things, all tied up.
Check out the size of the fish roe!

Big cockles.

And then we went to the cooked food section. A stall selling crispy slabs of siew yoke (roast pork). We bought a strip, it was goooood, though the skin was a tad crunchy-hard.

Pots of ready-cooked food.

Very pretty otak otak, THB40 each.

Grilled river prawns! THB270/pack.

Cooked crabs.

Stuffed crabs.

Duck tongue.

Pork knuckles, THB250 each.

Mussel omelette.

Deep fried jumbo cat fish.

Spatchcocked chicken, THB130 each.

Chicken & fish.

More ready cooked food.
Soft shell crabs, THB50/pack.
This place truly delighted us, and would definitely delight any glutton with a penchant for meat and seafood.

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