Friday, February 20, 2009

Wantan Mee @ S.E.A. Park Petaling Jaya

Hubby discovered this stall quite by accident. And since it was always crowded, hubby decided to take me here to check it out together. The stall has no name and no signage.

It's on the road perpendicular to Ayamas, facing the residential houses. At night, the tables and chairs would be lined up on the road and filled. The night we were there, a crowd was lining up to tapau.

The man on the left is what makes this wantan mee stall special. He put on quite a performance for patrons, tossing the blanched wantan noodles high (2 to 3 metres) into the air and catching it with his netted ladle, repeatedly. He was constantly on the move, almost as if he were performing a dance as he cooked the noodles.

The stall is next to this motor shop.

I ordered the wantan mee soup version (RM4.00).

While hubby ordered the dry wantan mee noodles with....

....a side serving of char siew and siew yoke, which totalled up to RM8.00.

The noodles were springy and the wantan tasty, and the performance, entertaining. Good to check it out if you're in the neighbourhood.

This roadside wantan mee stall is at the start of the inclined road of Jalan 21/22, S.E.A Park.

3-bams it is!


Anonymous said...

Mee was dry n uncooked fully. U can pickup the whole mee with your chopstick. The char siew is ok.

Anonymous said...

gt another curry wantan mee at seapark too.. it is opened at 4am to 6am oni.. near to seapark pasar malam ther. it is owned by a weird aunty..haha. try it. it is nice. i more prefer on its 'gan lao' wantan mee.:)