Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brunch @ Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

We had to go check out Chatuchak Weekend Market of course, since virtually everyone who had been to Bangkok had reminded us to do so. Predictably, our first task upon reaching the market was to search for food.
We stumbled upon this economy rice shop with a spread that looked really interesting and colourful.
Various curries abound.

And strange looking dishes too.
Oh my babies! Deep fried river prawns (udang galah).

Squid stuffed with minced pork......this dish had a strange salty-sourish taste, I didn't quite fancy it.

Deep fried pork neck slabs.

Steamed minced meat slices topped with salted egg yolk......pretty, but way too porky in taste to suit my palate.
The iced milk tea that hubby ordered....the cup resembled a coconut.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road,
Chatuchak, Bangkok,

Verdict: 2-bams. Not a good idea to dine here despite the visual temptation.

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