Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bangkok December 2008

Last Christmas was our first trip to Bangkok. Having read alot about the food scene there, I was all raring to gorge myself silly, but it was just my luck that I came down with an upset tummy before our trip. And so, I had to take it slow, watch the clan eat and console myself with nibbles and photographs.
This was the best bacon, sausage and.....

...quail eggs (how cute is that?!) ever! Taken at the Platinum Mall food court.

The pork satay comes with peanut sauce, toast and pickled onions and green chillies. I loved the pickles.

The Thai version of char siew rice.

I gotta rave about the otak otak. Super spicy and super good. Custardy, santan-rich and imbued with fresh fishy goodness!

Rice with very spicy jungle curry and veg.

Thai fried fishcakes, with lots of lemongrass taste, served with pickled cucumber.

Mixed beef noodles with beef balls and meat slices (I think I spotted some spare parts too), teeming with garlic oil.

Spring rolls.

Braised pork rice.

And for dessert, I had birds' nest soup which cost about RM10.00 per bowl.

Grilled bananas with sugary sauce.

This kuih tasted like the santan-rich top of kuih talam.

And of course, my all-time-favourite Thai dessert; Tab Tim Krob or water chestnut encased in glutinous rice flour in sweet santan soup. Chewy chewy yummmm....

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