Thursday, October 16, 2008

Depot Kuta, Pasar Senggol Food Centre, Bali (29/09/2008)

As we were biking around Kuta on the first day of our Bali food crawl, we stumbled upon this food court that was always very crowded with locals. My mantra being "eat where the locals eat", we decided to give it a try.

There were several shops here at this food centre, we chose Depot Kuta which sells Chinese food and seafood, just because the waitress seemed very friendly and there was quite a crowd at this shop. We ate at Kuta Depot twice (2 consecutive nights), and dish sizes were meant for 2 persons. Prices were unbelievably economical!


We ordered dishes. Pork in soy (INR9,000 or RM3.40). So cheap!

Fried shrimps with chilli sauce (INR15,000 or RM5.66). So cheap and yummy!
Pork in sweet & sour sauce (INR9,000 or RM3.40). Cheap! And hubby liked the tomato-ishness of this dish.

Ais batu buah (INR5,000 or RM1.89). This dessert is basically a bowl full of tropical fruits topped with ice and syrup. Very refreshing after a heavy meal.
MEAL 1 in total (inclusive of drinks and rice) cost only INR48,000 or RM18.10 for 2 persons. Unbelievable!


Fried eggs with crab meat (INR7,000 or RM2.64). The egg tasted like the telur biffsteak that they sell at Malay warungs, which was very good, but I was hardpressed to locate any crab meat.

Stirfried kangkung (INR6,000 or RM2.26).

Stirfried shrimps with butter (INR15,000 or RM5.66). So cheap and yummy!

Chicken (5 sticks) and mutton (5 sticks) satay (INR15,000 or RM5.66). The gravy that it came in tasted like steak sauce. Lovely!

MEAL 2 in total (inclusive of drinks and rice) cost INR66,000 or RM24.88 for 2 persons.

For really good and cheap food, Depot Kuta is definitely the place! A high 3-bam++.

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