Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Meng Kee Char Siew, Tengkat Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur

This is hubby's favourite char siew shop, which he argues, is the best in the Klang Valley.

Meng Kee....the name even sounds like our cat Mankie. Lol!
It's closed on Sundays, so Saturday is the only day we can come to savour this delectable char siew. And they are sold out early too, so better to come during the start of lunch time.
They sell loads of sticky, sweet, charred bbq pork strips and pak cham kai chicken. Since I don't eat pak cham kai (I call it sweaty chicken), it's only char siew for me!
One plate of charsiew. We can't remember exactly how much this cost, but it was definitely over RM10.00. The sides were gooey, caramelized and wonderfully charred......ooooo I love those bits. The meat was lean without being dry. Hubby was loving the juicy tender parts while I chose the burnt goodness. Yummmmm!

Meng Kee Char Siew
13 Tengkat Tong Shin, Kuala Lumpur (the road parallel to Jalan Alor).

It HAS to be 4-bams!


Unknown said...

for that price, it does sounds like a good one. will keep it in mind :)

Anonymous said...

Yummy food stall. Another one of what Kuala lumpur has to offer. When i call it the food haven city, its not beacuse of anything else but places like these. You got to try some of these foods in these restaurants. Food is good in malaysia. Its a Multi cultural State. There is a wide variety as depicted in this Kuala Lumpur Food blog featuring Char Siew.
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