Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our first day in Bali (29/09/2008)

We went on a week-long sojourn to Bali in search of some post-marital bliss. We were starving by the time we touched-down, it was past lunch time, and we just could not pay RM5.00 for a cup of maggi mee on the Air Asia flight.....what a waste of $$ and stomach space!

So as soon as we checked into our hotel, we went hunting for a bike to rent, sealed the deal (INR 200,000 or RM75.40 for a week's rental) and took off on our joyride!
We went hunting for a petrol station to fill up the bike, and lo and behold, near the intersection of Jalan Kerobokan and Jalan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu was a market.....with food stalls.

We were famished, and didn't really care what we ordered at this Warung Dewa which served Chinese food. We just wanted to EAT!
Babi Cah Jamur turned out to be stir-fried mixed vegetables with pork slices.

Cah Kangkung, which is basically stir-fried kangkung.

Jeruk ais, this is actually freshly-squeezed mandarin orange juice. The fruit is called "jeruk" here. This turned out to be hubby's and my favourite drink throughout our stay in Bali. Apparently the locals grow these mandarin oranges in the Kintamani district of Bali. So in almost every restaurant or warung, this drink is available.

Our simple meal for 2, inclusive of rice and drinks cost only INR37,000 or RM13.95.
But, being carnivorous, hubby complained, saying there was not enough meat. So we walked around the small market and bought more food!
This man selling satay, we just had to try some.
He told us it was fish satay.
Fish satay grilled over the coals.

We bought 20 sticks, which cost INR10,000 or RM3.77. That's RM0.19 each stick folks! Cheap cheap cheap! The fish satay tastes alot like otak otak, very tender and lemongrassy and heavily spiced. Eaten with the very spicy sambal pecel, it was heavenly!

And then we needed dessert. This stall selling Pukis Irma, a type of pancake (INR7,000 or RM2.64 for a box of 6 assorted pancakes).

It looks grilled, but it tasted steamed. The stall owner was putting cheese filling into this bunch.
The finished products in assorted flavours (strawberry jam, pineapple jam, cheese, chocolate chips, etc).

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