Monday, October 20, 2008

La-La Chong Seafood Restaurant, near Subang Airport

It was the eve of Uncle Kenny's wedding and the (most unstressed-out) groom took us out to eat at La-La Chong. We had family members back from the States, so a mad binge was to be expected.

Kenny ordered the Siong Tong Lala - lala in superior stock, which tasted very herbal. We all agreed that this was very good, the lala was fresh and the stock had a lot of body.

The Thai fried chicken was crunchy, a little on the dry side. It could have benefitted from some extra sweet, sour and spicy Thai gravy.

This was my favourite dish, deep fried honey squid. Kinda resembled cockroaches (lol!), but tasted deliciously crispy and sticky sweet - lovely!

Paku pakis fried with tuna bits. Ok this was a little weird for me since I am not a fan of canned tuna. Though I have always liked the crunchy paku pakis, I had to pick through the tuna bits. Taste-wise it's paku pakis with belacan, and imagine that with canned tuna mixed in.

The claypot tofu was good, with big chunks of mixed vegetables and assorted mushrooms.

Of course, the star of the dinner were the crabs. Done in 2 different styles, the first 2 kgs of crabs were done in kam heong style (fried with curry leaves and dried shrimps). This style wasn't exactly a favourite of mine, it had a weird aftertaste.

The next 2 kgs of crabs were cooked in the sweet & sour style which is what I usually order. The crabs were good, but I found the sauce to be a tad too tame. I like mine with more spicyness in it, and alot more eggy too.

As I was busy peeling crabs, a poor lil Starvin Marvin came and sat down beside me, looking at me with imploring eyes. No choice - have to share my food or my 2 kitties will never forgive me for not helping one of their own. That night, he ate crabs, bits of tuna and dried shrimps.

Poor lil Starvin Marvin reminded me with his paws when I became too engrossed with peeling crabs. Soft nudges which said...."Hey, I'm still here!"
I wanted to take Starvin Marvin home....but guess who disagreed!?

Uncle Kenny paid the bill, I heard it was in the vicinity of RM170++, for the 9 of us. Not bad for 4kgs of crabs!

La-La Chong Seafood Restaurant
Lot PT 6824, Terminal 3,
Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang
Tel: 03 - 7859 1906

I'll give this place a high 3-bam for the great seafood.


Precious Pea said...

When was this meal? I was there too yesterday nite!

Jessica said...

Hi precious pea, this was on 9th Oct la. :D

christine said...

after looking the previous preview on precious pea and urs..its certainly a must for me to go thre, since its pretty near from klg

J2Kfm said...

heard so much bout this place. but cant get enough ppl to binge. sigh ...

the lala and the paku pakis are considered staples eh? and the crabs, of course.

Anonymous said...

It cant be RM170++! 4 kgs of crabs will easily cost u RM100 (we r looking at maybe RM25 per kg)? We went there for dinner before and ordered only 2kgs of crab which cost us a total of RM300++ for that dinner..

Jessica said...

christine: ya must go at least once. order the lala and squid!

j2kfm: no need many ppl also can go one, just order the good stuff. lala and squid....the paku pakis was ok if don't have any tuna.

anon: really so cheap one, not bluffing! we ate the 4kg until cannot eat anymore. :D