Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rumah Makan Muara Kobe, Kuta, Bali

This restaurant serves Batak food, and is famous for its babi panggang (grilled pork), which we enjoyed with a relish.
We had to order the house speciality, of course. The babi panggang (INR18,000/serving or RM6.79) was excellent; smoky and with all the crisp burnt parts, served with "sambal khas ala batak".
Ayam panggang (grilled chicken) (INR13,000 or RM4.90) was pretty good too, still juicy inside whilst all smoky and crisp on the outside, eaten with a squeeze of lime. I think the topping was deep fried ginger shreds.

Lele panggang, otherwise known as grilled catfish (RM11,000 or RM4.15) served with "sambal khas muara kobe", hubby had this mostly on his own as I was not a fan of catfish. Hubby liked it.

This was a sweet, sour & spicy tomato & onion chutney which came with the dishes. Lovely!

This would be one of the sambals. Super spicy!

And another type of sambal eaten with dark thick soy sauce. Spicy and sweet.

I think this was pucuk manis cooked in santan, which also came with the dishes as a (weird) condiment, perhaps.

Markisa, or passion fruit juice (INR5,000 or RM1.89). Passion fruit is grown in Bali.

Jeruk, or mandarin oranges juice (INR5,000 or RM1.89). Our favourite, also grown in Bali.

Rumah Makan Muara Kobe
Masakan Khas Batak
Cab. Rm. Silindung P. Siantar Sumut,
Jl. Setia Budi No. 7, Kuta, Bali.
Tel: (0361) 751 220

Definitely a high 3-bams!

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