Thursday, October 30, 2008

Satay "Penyu", Kuta, Bali

If there was one unforgettable cuisine we had in Bali, it must have been the satay penyu. I clarified with a fellow customer and no, it's not turtle but tortoise that went into the making of this satay. Every day we drove pass this crowd at a carpark, and when we tried the satay, we knew then why there was always a crowd.

Under the trees and an overturned umbrella, a makcik and her gang of ladies would be busy fanning away.

One of the ladies would slice the ketupat.

The makcik would be busy grilling the satay.

That's the stash of marinated tortoise satay, waiting to be grilled.

Makcik dips the satays into a pot of gravy before grilling them, effectively sealing the gravy taste into the meat.

We bought a pack of 10 which cost INR15,000 or RM5.66. Worth every penny. The square darker piece was the liver, the only part which I did not take. The satay meat was tender, juicy, infused with spices, and the texture and taste was just like chicken, only better. We ate here twice, despite the long and disorganised queues.

4-bams and no less!


Precious Pea said...

I love the satay too but mine came with coagulated blood instead of liver. Very yummy!

Steven Goh said...

Penyu satay... never tried that in my life. Moreover is out of Malaysia which is even harder. Anyway, I will be visiting Bali on next year after CNY, I will check that place out :)

TEN said...

Is penyu endanger animals?
if yes, it sounds not good....

Anonymous said...

That is not satay 'penyu' (sea/marine turtle), I know lot of green sea turtle( Chelonia mydas) being killed by Balinese for a meat such as satay, serapah, lawar etc. But now since lot of NGO spoke out and down to street ask the government to enforced the law, the number of sea turtle slaughtered are decreased only for speciall purpose. That is pork meat only use seasoning for turtle satay as before.

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