Monday, November 10, 2008

Duck Springrolls

Craving for Aunt Poi's excellent duck spingrolls, we bought half a duck (RM20.00) and got creative.
The spread: there was the duck (deboned), duck sauce mixed with hoisin sauce, spring onions, coriander, lettuce, green chillies preserved in vinegar, Kampung Koh chilli sauce, and rice paper sheets.

We piled the filling onto the dampened rice paper sheets, rolled them up, and....

....voila! Overstuffed duck springrolls.

You can see the duck pieces in the middle, we were very generous with the portions. It was all crunchy and meaty and fresh. We loved it! Though not as outstanding as Aunt Poi's creation, this would have to do until our next trip to Sydney!


Little Inbox said...

This is a nice finger food! Good idea to make it!

chocolatesuze said...

heh heh come visit come visit!