Monday, November 10, 2008

Fat Rock Cafe, Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur

We are regulars here, and every time we want to come dine here, I'll say, "Let's go see Uma Thurman". You see, there's a waitress here who bears a striking resemblance to the actress, all slender and willowy to boot.

This time we tried the nam yee deep fried chicken. It was superb, crispy outside with the salty taste of nam yee, yet juicy and tender inside. One of our more inspired choices.

Fat Rock, in my opinion, serves the best pai kwat wong in the Klang Valley. They use boneless pork chops for this dish. The meat is succulent, and the best part is the thick sticky gravy that coats the entire piece of meat. The taste of that gravy has not been replicated anywhere else, including our own kitchen. It has a hint of curry powder in the midst of the usual sweet and sour tanginess. Simply excellent!

Hubby is a fan of baby long beans, so we ordered it. Pretty simple, stir fried with garlic.

The bill came up to RM32.80 which is normal when dining here. The good cooking makes it worth it. Some of my other favourite dishes here are the sambal belacan petai prawns and marmite (boneless) chicken. Truly yummy!

Fat Rock Cafe
Jalan Desa Jaya (at the Faber Towers commercial square, one shop away from 7-11, facing the football field),

Taman Desa,

58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Mobile: 012-3392927 ("Uma Thurman's")

As far as regular tai chows go, this place is definitely a 4-bam.


um said...

Is UT going to stab a customer with that samurai pen in her right hand?

Hubby said...

How come no post about the Ramli Burger next to Fat Rock?

Ayam Double Special No Mayo ... 3 Bam and 1 Bandit!

UT kicks ass!

um said...

UCT was watching this dvd which stars UT and could not understand why there was no bull there. he thought that it was called Kill Bull.

Jessica said...

uct blur blur :P

CCC said...

food used to be good, but recently it is becoming tasteless and they are becoming more expensive every year for a cafe without aircond. Sad to say this, used to be a fan of this joint for more than 20 years but i'm disappointed with its drop in quality.