Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rumah Ku Gallery and Cafe, Jalan University, Petaling Jaya

Having tried and happily blogged on the Rumahku outlet in Brickfields, we decided to give the PJ branch a go. Service here was excellent, with very attentive staff and the ambience was just great! They even have a tiny bell on each table for you to use to summon a waiter. You can check out their website for a closer look; the website even has menus with price listed.
Hubby ordered the nasi lemak with chicken rendang (RM6.50). It was good, very piquant, and yet hubby preferred if it had come with the ayam masak merah. We both have happy childhood memories of ayam masak merah cooked by our respective moms.
And that's what I had, the ayam (chicken) masak merah with rice (RM6.90). It was sweetish and by all means good, and yet somehow it was lacking a certain ooomph that came with the ayam masak merah that we had at the Rumahku in Brickfields. Different chef, most likely.

We ordered a plate of mutton porial (RM6.00) to share. This was basically mutton cubes cooked and slathered in dry curry spices. The mutton taste was not too overwhelming (I'm not a big fan of mutton or lamb), so I actually enjoyed this dish.
It was indeed a rather filling outing for the both of us, with all the rich curry-laden dishes.

Rumah Ku Gallery and Cafe

(PJ)6A, Jalan Universiti,

46100 Petaling Jaya.

Mobile: 012-3131073


Website: http://rumahkuonline.com/index.php

We give this PJ outlet a 3-bam. In terms of taste, we would still vote for the Rumahku outlet in Brickfields.


wmw said...

Looks really appetizing! Have driven passed on numerous occasions but yet to try.

Jessica said...

wmw: it's good, but the brickfields branch is even better!