Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Melaka in pictures

Walking to Jonker Street from the car park, we passed by many old pre-war shophouses which were pretty well-preserved.

Outside one quaint shophouse, someone was selling banana fritters.

On Jonker Street, there was a crowded restaurant selling chicken rice ball.

We did not try this, having just had lunch, but I've eaten this about 5 years back. Nothing memorable.

The Jonker 88 Dessert Shop was milling with people as well. The cendol here is famous.

Jonker Street.

A mini temple on Jonker Street with really ornate pillars and carvings.

A trishaw inundated with plastic flowers.
We went to Melaka Mall and Marina the Orang Utan from Melaka Zoo was the visiting celebrity. I got to shake hands with her, and she even kissed me. She's so cute!

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