Monday, November 17, 2008

Hubby's New Hobby

Living in a small apartment, we do not have the luxury of a garden in which to bbq. And hubby's passion happens to be bbq-ing.
He's been itching to start up a mini bbq operation, and so we finally got this mini charcoal stove and 2 flower pots, and voila, our makeshift bbq pit was ready to go! There goes the laundry area too! Hubby has been bbq-ing for the past 2 weekends, it brings a certain gleam to hubby's eyes.

An overturned flower pot and wires from a flower pot hanger served as a kiln in which hubby hung and smoked the Tandoori chicken drumsticks.

After a very slow smoking (it took a couple of hours), hubby bbq-ed the Tandoori chicken drumsticks to get them deliciously burnt around the edges.

Next, we bbq-ed chicken wings. We had marinated the wings overnight, melding Precious Pea's recipe and Zak Pelaccio's recipe to start with, and improvising along the way.

Hubby made a honey-based thick sticky gravy and slathered the wings in it after bbq-ing. Excellent, smoky, heavenly!

We went collecting wild and some homegrown produce.....banana leaves, pandan leaves, sweet basil.

Hubby stuffed 2 large marinated squids with the pandan and sweet basil leaves and grilled them on top of the banana leaf.

Bbq-ed squid rings.....delish!
We ate the squid with salad, for a healthy twist to our erstwhile carnivorous diet.


Precious Pea said...

Wow wow wow! I gotta introduce this new hobby to my hubby too!

um said...


Old hobby, new hubby..............