Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Char Siew Pau @ Pasar Siang Malam, Taiping

Hubby insisted that I blogged about this pau which he says is the best char siew pau in the world and can only be found in Taiping.
He buys a bunch everytime we are in town. At RM0.80 each, they are a steal.
Hubby likes the pau because the they are generous with the meat; a mixture of lean and fatty flesh. Also the pau's dough is not too thick.

Pasar Siang Malam is located on Jalan Kota, next to the KFC outlet in Taiping town. This Pasar is also where old timers in Taiping gather daily to bet on when the rain will fall. As its name suggests, it's open 24 hours. The pau is usually available in the evenings.

Hubby says the char siew pau deserves a 4.5-bam rating!

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um said...

Love paus.

Tried the giant paus at the morning markets at corner of Theatre Road and other road? Apparently it feeds 4. Saw that last time I was in Thyeping last August and am still regretting the fact that I did not get one.

Betta luck Man U next time. If only the players had those paus before they played Barca, the story would be so different. My Liverpool mate here is so ecstatic with the result.