Friday, May 15, 2009

New World Park Hawker Centre, Swatow Lane, Penang

Dad, hubby and I went to Swatow Lane to feast. With its large array of stalls, this is absolutely the best place to try a melange of Penang cuisine.
Hubby had to try the yam cake (RM2.00) which teemed with dried prawns and deep fried onion bits.

My eternal favourite, the "smelly", sticky, sweet Penang chee cheong fun (RM1.80 for small) swimming in shrimp sauce. Lovely stuff, which hubby totally avoids.

Lor bak (RM6.50) which is more suited to hubby's palate. I personally liked the deep fried tofu.

Dad had to have his fix of crispy cucur udang (RM3.00) which came with a big bowl of peanut sauce. Dad was really into this dish.

Nyonya food always attracts me, so we had to try the otak otak (RM2.00) which was spicy and piquant with daun gado leaves. Thumbs up!

O'chien (RM5.00) aka oyster omelette, another obsession of mine. The big juicy oysters made this dish worth every penny.

Fried koey teow (RM3.50), another perennial favourite of hubby and me. Good stuff!

Dad ordered this fruit named Lok Lok Thor (RM2.00) which he said can be found only in Penang. Its texture is somewhat similar to pink jambu, but its taste is really unique. Biting into it, I tasted an infusion of juices with a jasmine fragrance. Almost like eating fruit sprayed with jasmine-scented perfume. Really refreshing, and a first for me.

Dad had this huge bowl of ice kacang with fruits, topped with a dollop of ice cream (RM3.80).
I had ice kacang with generous slices of sweet, sunny mangoes (RM3.00). Excellent!

We love Swatow Lane!

Here's a map to this hawker centre.

A high 4-bam.


jason said...


dessert looks nice

Simon Seow said...

Love the ice-kacang there.

Jessica said...

Jason: Yes they were pretty darn good!

Simon Seow: Me too!

Chloe said...

i went there recently but the oh chien stall is no longer there...anyone knows where the uncle go?