Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mom's Resident Kitties

Look who greeted me at the back door of hubby's mom's house! "Meow! I am hungry! Feed me!" That's the mother cat in front, talking to me, while her 2 kids stare warily from behind.

The 2 kids' dad resembles my cat Mankie. We call the dad Prankie. He's a big tuxedo cat who's rather aloof and camera-shy. The 2 kids are timid little babies, but the one on the left (Pram Pram) often bullies the smaller one on the right (Prandit). They and their mom keep hubby's mom busy everytime she goes to the backyard.


Simon Seow said...

So the kids look like their dad lah.

Jessica said...

Simon: Yalor.