Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Restoran Makanan Laut Lemon Tree, Matang, Taiping, Perak

This restaurant is located in Matang, which is after Simpang, on the way to Kuala Sepetang. Kinda hard to find if you are unfamiliar with the terrain, but with hubby's mom there to guide us, we eventually found it tucked away in a kampung-ish area.

Ok here's the signboard at the shop.

This place serves simple homecooked meals, reminiscent of a mom and pops operation. We had the fresh and delightfully crispy fried belanak fish.

With a serving of kailan.

Mantis prawns done in kungpao style. Crunchy goodness!

This was my favourite dish of course, female crabs with tons of roe, done in salted-egg style. Smashed up salted egg yolks mixed with crab roe.....pure sinful-cholesterol heaven! I have never eaten female crabs with roe before, (male) meat crab is so much more commonly sold in KL. The females crabs that we had were alot smaller in size, but the delicious roe more than made up for it.

A closeup of the redish-orange crab roe. Superb!

There were 4 of us dining, and the bill came up to an unbelievable RM38.70. Can you imagine that, with crabs and all? I am SO coming back here!

Restoran Makanan Laut Lemon Tree
14B, China Lane,
34750 Matang,
Taiping, Perak.
Mobile: 016-5963598, 016-5991883, 019-5082793

4-bams for the delicious crabs and astonishing value for money.

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