Monday, January 19, 2009

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, Mid Valley Megamall Boulevard, Kuala Lumpur

The whole family seems to love "sweaty chicken" (common folks call it pak cham kai), except me. I just can't eat chicken that is pale and has skin with all its sweat pores showing. But, occasionally, I go along....
We had pork meatballs in chicken rice soup.

And beansprouts.
They had the pak cham kai (steamed chicken) topped with a generous slathering of ground ginger.
I was content to dine on the honey bbq-ed chicken leg. Pity it didn't have the barbecued smoky flavour, methinks this was roasted in an oven rather than bbq-ed. It was juicy and flavourful, nonetheless.

This restaurant is situated at the boulevard area of Mid Valley Megamall, opposite Starbucks, on the same row as RHB Bank. It took over the lot that was Tu Long restaurant.

Pretty standard chicken rice fare, I would give it a 3-bam.

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