Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Raju Restaurant, Off Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya

I am sure most folks know this place. On weekend mornings it is filled to the brim with people dining al-fresco under shady trees. While the atmosphere is really nice, I am afraid the service and value-for-money at Raju is really not up to par. Being a corner lot, Raju has a large sitting area next to it. The roti canais are also cooked outdoors, under the skies.

Like most Indian food shops, there is a big array of marinated meats and fish all ready to be deep fried.

We each had a teh tarik, and I was disappointed with the thinness and tastelessness of the drink. It was so watered down for a RM1.50 cuppa.

The roti canai (RM1.20/piece) was light and fluffy, mom and hubby enjoyed it very much.
I had the roti pisang (RM2.90) which was not bad, but it took ages to arrive. My gripe was that they did not bother to provide curry and the portable containers containing curry were quickly taken away before I even had a chance to scoop some.

We ordered 2 pieces of deep fried chicken drumsticks which tasted really good, but were really expensive at RM5.00/piece of drumstick alone (note: NOT for the whole chicken leg). This small plate cost us RM10.00! More than 2 pieces of KFC would have cost!

Hubby ate half the deep fried tenggiri fish slice before I remembered to get a shot. This tiny piece of tenggiri fish (size of 3 RM0.50 coins) cost RM4.50!

Service at Raju's was bad, waiters ignored our requests and orders were late despite reminders, and although food was good, the price was exorbitant for the small quantity served. I would not come here again, due to the poor service, the ghastly teh tarik and the not-worth-it factor. Visit at your own peril, you are likely to feel suckered after the meal.
#27 Jalan Chantek,
Off Jalan Gasing,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7961361
2-bams or less!

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Wafaa said...

now roti canai is RM1.50 :) just had it this morning.

found this blog while looking for Raju's address. thanks for the info.