Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Food (the lack thereof)

We haven't posted many food reviews these past few weeks. Well, there's a reason for that. We have been eating mostly take-aways, fast food and food thrown together in a hurry (see pic of our rye sandwich with tomatoes, ham and cheese) has been a hectic time at work and on weekends which leaves us little time to cook, and even to sit down for a proper restaurant dinner.

Fast food.

Weekends have been full of running around, trying on wedding gowns with the galpal, meeting makeup artists, and soon, meeting event photographers. Yup, the wedding prep has taken centrestage in our lives (finally!).

This blog may soon morph into a pseudo-wedding-event planning website with all the spreadsheets we have in place to monitor all the wedding-related data collected so far. And oh! I do so love to try on wedding gowns even if they don't fit me half the time. The best part is, my best pal is also getting married next year, so we get to fuss about this together and do the girly girl stuff and play dress-up. A far cry from our childhood tomboy days of crashing bicycles and chasing neighbourhood dogs.
Anyway, on the subject of wedding gowns, I've got my mind set on halter-necks while best pal has hers set on bustiers (which really suit her).....only to be told by a designer that halter-necks with V-necklines and me don't really go together like love and marriage unless I grow cleavage like Angelina Jolie's...sigh......well, plenty of time left to play dress-up!

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